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  • What type of certifications do your drivers have?
    CPR/First Aid Wheelchair Securement Defensive Driving
  • Do you provide Wheelchair transportation?
    Yes we do. That is our specialty. All our vehicles are capable of transporting anyone who is wheelchair bound and are capable of transporting most wheelchair types.
  • I need transportation for a multi-day trip. Can you help me?
  • Do you only transport individuals with disabilities?
    No. We specialize in non-emergency medical transportation. Anyone needing a ride to any location within Indiana can use our service.
  • Do you provide personal wheelchairs for your clients?
    We do not. It is the responsibility of the client or hosting facility to provide the wheelchair.
  • Can I reserve your service for out of town trips?
    Yes, we provide transportation throughout the state of Indiana
  • Will you price match other transportation providers?
    We do not provide price match. However, we will work with you to find the best price to accommodate your transportation needs. We also offer several discounts that could be beneficial to your transportation request.
  • What does Ambulatory transportation mean?
    Our Ambulatory transportation services means that we will transport you even if you are not in a wheelchair. This service generally cost less than wheelchair transportation.
  • Can you assist me into my wheelchair if I am not able to?
    Unfortunately, our drivers are not allowed to assist you or your patient into their wheelchairs.
  • Will your drivers come inside my house to wheel me out to the vehicle?
    Our drivers are not allowed to go into individual homes due to liability issues. However, we do provide "Door-to-Door" service. Which means, we will wheel you or assist you to the vehicle from your door to the door of your destination.
  • How can I best understand the services you provide?
    We think you will get a better understanding by watching this short video. Enjoy.
  • Why are your prices not posted online?
    Our prices vary per request. Each request for transportation is different and may require additional services and adjustments to prices and fees. The best way to get a price is to request a quote based on your needs. You can request a quote by going to this link:
  • Can I Book a trip on your website?
    Absolutely! Yes, you can. Please follow this link to book your transportation directly. If you have any other questions or concerns, you may call us to clarify.
  • Will you drivers assist me with my wheelchair down the front steps or stairs?
    Unfortunately no. Due to liability purposes, our drivers are not allowed to assist clients down their steps or stairs. We highly encourage our clients to have someone available to assist with such requirements. It is also encouraged that clients who are wheelchair bound install or make available a ramp that will allow our drivers to wheel them from the door to the vehicle.
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